#MissionMonday - How not to get Shadowbanned on Twitter - BTS ARMY Guide
First of all, you may be asking yourself, what is shadow-banning? Well, it happens when Twitter deliberately makes someone’s content undiscoverable to everyone except the person who posted it, unbeknownst to the original poster. Twitter claims to not shadow-ban, and though it may be true, they are able to manipulate the order in which you see tweets or replies. This means that you see less spam or offensive tweets on your timeline, so it is generally a good thing. However, during voting seasons for example, we tend to send a lot of similar looking tweets (like fan chanting) to get as many votes in as possible without needing to get creative. This could however lead Twitter’s algorithms to identifying you as a spam account, which will lead to you getting shadow-banned. Although shadowbans typically only last 1-3 days, it is best to be safe so that your hard work doesn’t go to waste. So, what should you do to avoid getting shadow-banned? Secure your account: with a confirmed email adress, profile picture uploaded, it helps Twitter know you’re a real account and not one created by a bot. Don’t just retweet everything, write your own tweets too. When scrolling on your timeline, it’s way too easy to just retweet the many voting tweets you see, but repeatedly retweeting, especially tweets from the same account, is seen as bot behaviour and could get you shadow-banned. Get creative: if you want to repeatedly use the same hashtag (for voting, or to trend it), make the effort of writing at least one sentence every time, saying some nonsense about your day, or writing a message, with a quote you like for example. Fan chanting can be seen as bot behaviour, since you would be repeating the same words over and over, in a short time, so try and avoid that if possible. Don’t add too many hashtags or tagged accounts. Try to limit the total amount of tagged accounts and hashtags to four. Also, posting the same image many times in a row many cause a shadowban. Slow down. Retweeting and tweeting too many times at once may cause a shadowban. Don’t use curse words. Curse words seem to increase the chance of a shadowban occurring. To learn more about #ARMYEvents, see this post. You May Also Enjoy