How to Deal with Antis and Trolls - BTS ARMY Guide
Success often has a shadow, and in the case of BTS, that shadow is largely comprised of haters. This means that ARMY often ends up fighting a lot with haters. However, the time spent bickering is time not spent promoting or streaming for BTS, which is especially important with the Map Of The Soul: PERSONA comeback, or taking care of ourselves, which is always important. The fighting also spreads a lot of negativity, which can be emotionally draining. Here is a simple guide on how to best interact with haters or trolls. DO: Report to BigHit ( if the tweets are threatening, or defamation of character. BigHit will then examine the case and take necessary measures to stop the person. Include in the email the date of publication, the post platform and url, the writer’s ID or nickname, the post’s IP adress, as well as screenshots, pictures if you have any. If the person claims to be an ARMY, check the profile (when the account was created, the likes, who they follow, their followers, old tweets) to make sure whether it is a real ARMY or someone passing as one to stir up trouble. If they aren’t who they seem, block them and ignore them. IGNORE. This is the best you can do at any time. Giving any attention to people provoking you will never lead to something good. Ignoring, blocking the person is the easiest solution, though it takes some self-control to hold yourself back from answering. Share the account’s name VIA DM to get others to report it if what they said is against Twitter’s rules. Encourage others to block them as well, after explaining with screenshots. DON’T: Interact with an anti’s tweet or criticism of BTS. You are just bringing that negativity onto someone else’s timeline, and hyping up the criticism, even if it’s to defend BTS. Attack their “fave”- if the person attacking is a fan of someone. If you do this, you are just as bad as the one provoking you. BASICALLY: The key words are IGNORE, BLOCK and REPORT. Ending up in a meaningless fight with someone whose aim is to bring you down will not help you but will definitely help them. Learn self-control, so you don’t lash out unnecessarily and can stay calm in all situations. You May Also Enjoy