Paris Startup Successfully Tests Lightning Network on Litecoin | Bitcoin Upload
ACINQ, a Paris-based startup devoted to Bitcoin solutions, has successfully tested their Lightning software on Litecoin. SegWit to Activate on Litecoin With the increasing possibility that Segregated Witness will soon be implemented on Litecoin, more and more people are turning to Litecoin as a testbed for Bitcoin. Segwit, as Segregated Witness is known in short, has fix for malleability that in turn allows Lightning solutions. Lightning network uses smart contracts to make instant payments among a multitude of participants. ACINQ is a Paris-based startup, which has implemented a Lightning solution using Scala, a general purpose programming language. Their Lightning solution is known as Eclair, which is French for lightning. On 25 April, the company announced that it had successfully tested Eclair on Litecoin. Even though Eclair, ACINQ's Lightning solution, is intended for Bitcoin, the company found that it ran out of the box for Litecoin too. Only a few parameter tweaks were