Bitcoin Breaches $4000 Milestone in Record-Breaking Week | Bitcoin Upload
After stubbornly resisting a $3000 price point for weeks, Bitcoin has managed to effortlessly sail towards its latest $4000 all-time high in a matter days following it's breakout last week. It's a bullish time for Bitcoin. Investors were exuberant last week as Bitcoin finally broke its infamous $3000 price point. Now the bulls are out of the pen, and Bitcoin prices continue to soar. Yesterday, prices finally pushed past $4,000, setting a new milestone in Bitcoin history. Although the digital currency briefly fell back down to $3800 after grazing its high water mark, it has since recovered and is now trading for around $4,135 at the time of this writing. So far 2017 has seen Bitcoin smash record after record. Not only did Bitcoin post all-time high prices on a nearly daily basis leading up to this benchmark, but it has also done so barely a week after its previous high of $3000. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats Bitcoin was not the only digital currency to see bullish trends this past week.