Marietta News for July, 2018
published July 13, 2018 DAVIS DIRECTION RECEIVES $125,000 WOW WOW WOW WHAT A DAY!! Chandler Riggs just dropped by to gift us 125K He won a charity competition playing video games (Davis is smiling) and picked Davis Direction Foundation to receive his winnings! You can't make this stuff up! Chandler and his family have been major supporters of Davis Direction Foundation for a very long time. When I asked Chandler why he picked us, he said... "I've invested in the mission of the Davis Direction Foundation and more needs to be done to bring attention to the cause." Chandler is my HERO!!! And I adore the rest of his family too. Thank you Chandler aka Carl from The Walking Dead! So... it turns out that ALL of the hours he's logged playing video games were for the greater good! Chandler competed in a charity Fortnite tournament Epic Games/ E3 Fortnite Pro-Am. He and his professional partner player placed 3rd in the contest won $125,000 for the charity of his choice!!!!! SUN AUG 12 DAVIS