Countdown to Christmas: 24 Ideas for your Holiday Bucket List -
Can you guys believe it’s already December? These past few months have flew by to me, but now we’re entering my absolute favorite season!! I’ve always been a huge Christmas lover and now that I have kids here to share that Holiday magic with, it’s even better! Seeing the holidays through their eyes is just amazing! And because I try to make the most of our holiday season, I’ve decided to make a little bucket list with 24 ideas on how to spend your December! (Kid-friendly activities included!!) We’ll be choosing one idea each day, counting down to Christmas morning! I hope this list will inspire you to spread some Christmas cheer and make some holiday magic and memories of your own! Lets get started!! *OUR BUCKET LIST IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER* 1. Decorate Your Tree/Home If you haven’t already, bust out those Christmas decorations! 2. Bake and Decorate Holiday Cookies So festive! And super yummy! 3. Have a Holiday Movie Marathon 4. Take a Drive to Look at Christmas Lights 5. Write Letters to Santa 6. Donate Toys to Charity My kids always go through their toys before Christmas to choose some to get rid of. We’re 1) Saving space and making room for new toys and 2) Giving to those in need so that they can receive toys, too! My oldest absolutely loves doing this. It makes him feel really great to be able to make another little boy/girl happy! Another great idea is to buy a new small gift or two to give as well. 7. Create DIY Ornaments If you go to my moms house, her tree is FILLED with ornaments my siblings and I made as kids! My mother-in-laws tree is the same way and trees like that are filled with some of the most beautiful memories! Have a night where you make some personalized DIY ornaments to hang! Super fun craft night + memories you’ll cherish forever!! 8. Visit Santa 9. Do a random act of kindness today! Pay for someones coffee, give a compliment, pick up trash, do a chore for somebody. The possibilities are endless. Big or small, an act of kindness is a wonderful gesture that can go a long way! 10. Read the Nativity Story 11. Take Family Photos 12. Send out Christmas Cards If you took Christmas photos you could send those OR make it another fun craft night and DIY your cards! 13. Go to a Christmas Event Theres a Christmas tree lighting that happens in my grandparents town that I’ve been going to since I was a child! So fun to be able to take my own kiddos now! Check out some local events near you! 14. Go Ice Skating 15. Have a Game Night Of course we’ll be making ours festive! Christmas music in the background.. A hot cocoa bar.. Can’t wait! 16. Build a Snowman If it snows of course, this is always a fun one! 17. Read Christmas Stories 18. Make Gingerbread Houses This is so fun! One time my friends and I had a gingerbread house making competition. It was a blast! Super creative, super festive, and super YUMMY! 19. Donate Canned Foods 20. Have a picnic under the Christmas tree Not sure what it is but my kids love being anywhere NEAR the Christmas tree (Okay, so do I.. It’s just so magical!) So this is a super fun and cute idea! 21. Wrap Christmas Presents I think I’m one of the few people who enjoys wrapping gifts!! 22. Bake a treat for your neighbors 23. Go to a Christmas parade 24. Pack a Shoebox for a child in need Google “The shoebox project” or “operation Christmas child” for more info! I hope this post gave you some fun holiday themed ideas to last you all the way up until Christmas! I for one cannot wait to get started and make some memories this year!