The Machine's Pump Volume 22 – #4 – April 2019 | Brave Combo
Forty years ago, around this time, Brave Combo played its first gig. All NTSU (now UNT) students, we were going to perform our debut in the courtyard outside the Union Building, right in the middle of campus. We put flyers up like crazy and told everyone we knew. Unfortunately, it rained and Lyle and Dave (now Lisa) bailed. So, Tim and I set up inside a classroom in the dance department and played a little concert for about 30 people. As I remember, it went well enough. I can still see certain people sitting there. Some of them continue to experience Brave Combo live. Two special opportunities, with historical significance, are happening soon. On Friday, May 3, Brave Combo returns to Ft. Worth Mayfest. 40 years ago, almost to the day, we played our sixth gig at Mayfest. This was a just a few days after our fifth gig, at Hip Pocket Theater, also in Ft. Worth. So, all you fans in the western side of the Metroplex come out and tell us how much you love us. And the Dallas