The Machine's Pump Volume 22 – #3 – March 2019 | Brave Combo
Everything is so complicated. Everything. Denton is non-stop-jam-packed with cars and trucks and bicycles and people on foot, everywhere you go. We are bulging at the seams about to burst. Pretty soon we will all be flung into space like human cannonballs, from the over-crowding. And, of course, road construction could pop up, and it does, anywhere, at any time. I am not exaggerating. Denton's official mascot is an orange and white traffic cone (rimshot, please). And this is just ONE example of how complicated things have become. The act of thinking is a lot more involved than it used to be. There are too many topics to ponder and angles to consider. And where music and art fit in today's world is not easy to figure out. Most of the models of the past, based on simple ideas, don't apply anymore. Almost no one has the time to stop doing long enough to really listen, anyway. I know I don't. Besides, I have to keep inventing ways to contain, entertain and train animals.