The Machine's Pump Volume 22 – #2 – February 2019 | Brave Combo
I was having lunch with a friend recently and he mentioned how he tries to go out to hear and support regional live music but feels there is an overabundance of "new country" singer/songwriters in Texas right now and it's making him weary of the scene. You know, a solo performer with a guitar is like a boy and his dog. It's just something we all seem to accept as a special, revered thing. It's cozy and down-homey, but it can also be boring as hell. If the lyrics aren't engaging and the singer has no charisma and can't sing that well and the music isn't interesting, there's not much to fall back on. When you're in a band, someone can take a solo on an instrument other than an acoustic guitar or perhaps a listener can get lost in a groove. At least there are more people to look at in a band. And bands can make more sounds and textures. And the more people on stage means more friends show up. Of course, there are exceptions. One time we were in New York and a friend who worked at a record