The Machine's Pump Volume 22 – #1 – January 2019 | Brave Combo
So, 2019 arrived as a newbie just minutes ago, it seems, and now its old news already. The government shutdown kinda killed everyone's groove and reminded us we're still in an identity crisis funk. I hadn't planned to spend two years, being forced to witness a non-stop examination of the limits (or non-limits) of the human ego, but here I am. You know, people are just bumbling masses of fat and muscle and bone; almost shapeless. Most of us have two little beady things on our head so we can see stuff and two holes on the sides of our heads, so we can hear stuff and a couple of nostrils and a mouth for a few extra functions. And that's about it. Our brain imagines things and solves things, like how to get to the gas station, and tells our body what to do, like "go find your keys." It sits in our skull and runs the show, constantly scheming; reminding us about our comfort zone and desires. If left unrestrained by something like a conscience or empathy or intelligence or chains and a gag,