The Machine's Pump Volume 21 – #9 – September 2018 | Brave Combo
First of all, if you are not registered to vote, do so immediately. Time is running out I often listen to some of the most incendiary call-in, right-wing talk show hosts, just to be sure their arguments are as cliché as usual. They always are. They're still yelling and screaming and spoon-feeding their listeners plenty of nauseous poop, accusing the left of stuff which almost never crosses MY mind. I mean, I'm definitely not for abortion, but I am pro-choice. The talk-show hosts make it sound like I have baby-killing fantasies. I am, actually, so pro-life, I go out of my way to not kill bugs. If I see a stray dog or cat which obviously needs help, I often become that animal's best friend. And, as I'm sure you must know by now, I haven't eaten any meat for over three decades solely because I know it reduces the suffering of innocent animals just a little bit. That cat or dog or cow or monkey or crow or bug has a right to have its own life. It's my duty to respect that. Whatever, if our