The Machine's Pump Volume 21 – #6 – June 2018 | Brave Combo
Escapism, Escapist! In the midst of your diligence, you should also find ways to disappear. I know we're all stuck on this roller coaster with no assurance that things will end well and we're tired of the disorienting nightmare from which we can't awaken. But life didn't come with a guarantee of anything. Granted, no one could have predicted the totally upside-down position we currently find ourselves in, but we also didn't know, just a few short years ago, what an uncontrollable controlling monster social media would become. Things are definitely in a weird-ass mess right now. Stress levels are super high. That's why you gotta find ways to turn off; to disconnect and remove yourself from reality. Turn on, tune in and drop out, Baby! Dig? Are you feeling my vibrations? ´╗┐´╗┐There's one thing I've been wondering recently. Why do we so love to hate? What has been revealed, as our civilization willingly jumps into the avalanche tumbling into the ocean of fire, is that we just love to hate.