The Machine's Pump Volume 21 – #4 – April 2018 | Brave Combo
HORROR STORY OR NO BIG DEAL. You may or may not be aware of it, but music's role is changing rapidly in our "new normal" world. Live music, especially at the club level, is practically in free fall. Venues have lost a lot of appeal, except for established acts who can eek out enough people to fill or almost fill a room. No one is going to the neighborhood bar to hear the latest thing or even last week's thing, anymore. People are going out to drink craft beer and mingle, but musicians, if any are around, are mainly part of the wallpaper; not necessarily a reason for anyone to be there. The concept of a record album is losing relevance, giving way to the single or rather the song or rather the track. And who knows what's catchy? It all depends on what kind of sound you prefer, if any, as you go about your day. Some youngsters and some people with the brains of youngsters still like to crank the volume while they drive around. In Denton, the low hip-hop bass frequencies almost always