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Television DC Legends of Tomorrow The CW Scene Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah Futurama Comedy Central Scene Chicken Dance The Simpsons Fox Original Song Fill The Stein The Simpsons Fox Closing Theme The Simpsons As The Wrench Turns PBS Entire Score William Tell Overture Ugly Betty ABC Background Feliz Navidad Friday Night Tailgate Big 10 Network Themes Friday Night Road Trip Not Your Average Travel Guide Travel Channel Background Willkommen Oktoberfest History Detectives PBS Background Three Ducks Cha Cha Bowling Night ESPN Opening Theme Can You Bowl? Bakersfield P.D. Fox Opening Theme Busy Office Rhumba Malcolm In The Middle Fox Background Peanut Polka Ed NBC Background The Christmas Song Normal, OH NBC Background Various Christmas Songs National Geographic Channel Commercial Original Music Tampa Aquarium Commercial Act Naturally Austin Music Network Station ID Laura MOVIES A Fair To Remember Carl Finch & Brave Combo Score Tortilla Heaven