Quotes & Reviews | Brave Combo
"The Grand Pooh-Bah of Denton bands, Brave Combo, is in many ways the template from which all the rest are cut: eclectic and artistically ambitious, with a high degree of musicianship and a strong DIY ethic." Dave Sims, Paste Magazine "At last, a band that rocks the brain as well as the feet." Jeff Spevak, Democrat & Chronicle "…nearly every Brave Combo show is a celebration in itself. Even if you come for the party, you'll leave with something of a musical education. The group throws all manner of world dance music into the mix, including polka, ska, meringue, hora, conjunto and zydeco." Daniel Durcholz, Riverfront Times Taking the term "world beat" to a stellar level, they respectfully mash up dance rhythms from beyond Poland: Mexico, Africa, Argentina, Cuba, Jamaica, Japan, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Frankie Yankovic's secret timeshare in the Vienna Woods, the Wurstfests of Middle America, Ricky Ricardo's Tropicana nightclub, inner-city Detroit, the Lower East Side, and that weird