Discography - Full List | Brave Combo
On Four Dots Records: Polkamania (1980) Music for Squares (1981) Urban Grownups (1982) Originals (1983, cassette only) World Dance Music (1984) No Sad Faces (1984, live) On Rounder Records: Polkatharsis (1987) Musical Varieties (1988, collection of best Four Dots tracks) Humansville (1989) A Night on Earth (1990) It's Christmas, Man! (1992) No, No, No, Cha Cha Cha (1993) Polkas for a Gloomy World (1995, Grammy nominated) Mood Swing Music (1996, collection of rare recording) Girl (1996, collaboration with Tiny Tim) Group Dance Epidemic (1997) Polka Party with Brave Combo - Live and Wild (1998, Grammy nominated) The Process (2000) All Wound Up - A Family Music Party (2001, Grammy nominated) Box Of Ghosts (2003) On Cleveland International Records: Polkasonic (1999, Grammy Award winner) Kick-Ass Polkas (2001, Grammy nominated) Japanese Releases: Eejhanaika (1991) Kikusuimaru Meets Brave Combo (1993) Watermelon Records: Kiss of Fire (1996, collaboration Lauren Agnelli) On dentone Records: