FAQ | Brave Combo
How did the band get started? Brave Combo was the brainchild of Carl Finch. He formed the band back in 1979 by recruiting Tim Walsh, Dave "Tito" Cameron and Lyle Atkinson. Their debut recording was Polkamania on Carl's own label, Four Dots. What kind of music do they play? To name a few styles: polka, waltz, schottische, mambo, two-step, hora, rhumba, cumbia, salsa, merengue, guaguanco, huapango, ska, samba, cha cha, stroll, foxtrot, Muzak, twist, ondo, tango, oberek, bubblegum, bossa nova, ranchera, charanga, bolero, dirge, conjunto, zydeco. Oh, yeah...and rock. Where does Brave Combo call home? Denton, Texas -- home base of Brave Combo -- is a college town 42 miles north of Dallas with an population of more than 100,000. Denton has a strong music scene and is very supportive of its hometown nuclear polka band. Brave Combo plays at clubs there regularly and usually does an outdoor show at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival in the spring. For more information about Denton and its