Bonsai Book Mountain In The Sea The Vietnamesse Miniature Lanscape -
Connoisseurs of miniature landscapes have long studied and appreciated the arts of bonsai from Japan and penjing from China. Until very recently, however, few outside of Viet Nam have known of an equally distinguished and vibrant art form known as "Hon Non Bo," literally "mountainous island n the sea." While bearing some similarities to bonsai and penjing in its use of stones and trees, Han Non Bo is a unique discipline influenced by the landscape of Viet Nam with its mountains, coastal scenery, and lush vegetation. Culturally, Hon Non Bo reflects the ancient Vietnamese custom of worshipping stones, trees, and rivers. Practitioners of Hon Non Bo view their art as much more than a hobby; it is a creed or form of meditation that is distinctly Vietnamese. Mountains in the Sea will appeal to readers of many backgrounds. Bonsai and penjing enthusiasts will be inspired by a fresh approach to miniature landscapes presented by a master artist. Vietnamese expatriates and their children will find in these pages a view of their cultural heritage that has never before been published in book form in English. All who are fascinated by the elegant transformation of natural beauty into art will be captivated by Phan Van Lit's artworks. Forsendelse Post Nord eller GLS Shipping Post Nord or GLS Other Shipping Call for info Phone. + 45 25 60 10 77