The Great Gatsby (2013) — Bodies in the Library:
The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books ever. I love how many layers it has and you get to discover a new one every time you read it. I’ve already read it about three times and this year, I’m certainly re-reading it. Romeo + Juliet is one of my favourite movies ever. Everything just falls into place when it needs to: Claire Danes’ and Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting, the music and above all the colours. Baz Luhrmann made a masterpiece. So what happens when The Great Gatsby is adapted into a movie by Baz Luhrmann himself? Just imagine. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time, ever since the news that Luhrmann was into the project came out. Then the actors went to Australia to shoot it and there were endless pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio in suits. I know. And then, when it finally got a release date, it was moved almost a year because the 3D was not ready. Now – hopefully – the movie is coming out this May and I’m overexcited. For everything, even the fact the movie does not seem to resemble what I remember about the book in a literal way. Check the trailer: When I first saw it a few weeks ago I said Mr. B&R: “You know? I don’t know how I feel about all this!” Now I know. I love it. I’ve seen the trailer three times in a row and I’m sold. First of all, you need to know I love Luhrmann’s aesthetic: everything is colourful, everything is bright. I’m more than fine with that. I also enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio who has turned out to be a better dramatic actor than everyone expected. Of course, I love the story because I love the original work by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I actually have Gatsby printed all over a T-shirt! So, basically I had two problems: 1) I didn’t see Carey Mulligan as Daisy and 2) Where did those steamy scenes come from? Wow. I still haven’t worked out if I like Mulligan mainly because I’ve always thought Daisy was a really complex and dark character hidden under an appearance of sweetness and wealth. And Carey does have that sweetness look, too sweet in fact, let’s wait to see the movie to judge if she can pull it. Regarding the steamy scenes, it’s all worked out. It’s a Hollywood movie and it needs to sell well, incredibly well, actually. But as someone who’s read the book I didn’t see the typical steamy scenes. I saw the desperation I felt every time I thought Daisy was maybe giving in to Gatsby and she wasn’t. They also come from the hidden desires of millions of readers through the years who’ve wanted her to give in, making Gatsby happy. Yes, Gatsby is more than a love story, I know, but it is the exploration of such a dark, twisted and desperate view of love that attracts me to the book every single time and every single time I get the same feeling. And the trailer really gave me that feeling. I hope the whole movie amplifies that a million times. If apart from books you also like music, pay attention Lana del Rey’s Young and Beautiful song in the trailer. A dreamy combination! Related