Two Books? Reading Habits and Change — Bodies in the Library:
Just lately I’ve been “back” to reading after some weeks studying for my last final and then nervously waiting for my mark. For those weeks, I spent all my concentration studying every single trace of Middle and Renaissance English and by the end of the day al my mind could afford was a few The Simpsons episodes and lying in bed staring at the ceiling seriously. But now that things are going back to normal, I’ve found my reading habits a little different from I remembered them. Some nights ago, as I closed Body of Evidence i realised I was craving more reading, but was somehow done with Kay Scarpetta, I wanted something different. I navigated through my TBR pile in search for the perfect read, something that would make a huge contrast with a medical examiner researching a writer’s death. And it hit me someone from Penguin had recently sent me a review copy of a collection of love stories by a Russian lady. I searched for the book only to find it too handy and opened it. Next time I came back to this world, I had been reading for half an hour and was already 50 pages into the 195-long book. And it was time to go to bed, I felt done. Now, those who have been following the blog, may have noticed I’m very much a one-book-at-the-time book. I love immersing myself into a setting and story and considering the characters as my only focus. I think they deserve all my attention. So, could I be reading not only two, but three books at the same time (one of which I gave up)? Not only that, but how could it be that it was what I felt I needed? Time hasn’t changed this. I’m still reading two books at the same time and when reading time comes, I make sure to make time for both of them. I love going from one long story with which I’m 100% committed to short stories with different settings and characters. Above all, I love that I’m easing to eagerly back into a reading routine. So, this may be a different routine, but I love it. I’m enjoying every single turn of page and I’ve realised I feel more productive approaching more than one book at the same time. I’m also very happy to welcome change. Change, as most things in life – is neither good or bad – it’s very much what you want to make of it. Me? I’m welcoming this change as a new chapter in my life, a new chapter that may or may not last long, but that will be a little part of me and my life, that is, my reading. I’m currently reading: There Once Lived a Girl who Seduced her Sister’s Husband, and he Hanged Himself (short stories by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya) .- A collection of short stories exploring all kinds of love. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.- Atkinson’s first novel not starring Jackson Brodie in 10 years.