Halloween Week — Bodies in the Library:
Dear all, I presently inaugurate the Halloween Week at Books and Reviews! You know I’m a fan of starting weeks (or things) on Sundays, so this will be no exception. I will be doing some themed reading and, for the very first time will be watching some scary movies. You see, the big problem is here is that I am a scaredy cat so, whatever that “scary ” means for me, may not be so for you. These are my plans Themed reading: Amity and Sorrow by Peggy Riley I asked the lovely ladies at the new Tinder Press to please send me their catalogue and they did, plus a review copy of their upcoming novel Amity and Sorrow which I didn’t expect and got my jumping around the kitchen, effusively showing it to my mom and dad. It seems a short and scary reading, perfect to do in a week and feel better about myself and how little reading I’ve done lately. Update: I’ll be also be reading A Question of Identity by Susan Hill. Thanks to the publisher! Themed movie: Nightmare before Christmas Can you believe I have never, ever, watched this movie? I certainly don’t and it’s time I do. I did watch Corpse Bride when it was released and more recently Frankenwinnie which by the way, brought me to tears, especially after I turned and saw a 7 year-old crying too. Themed cooking: baking! I’m not a big fan of cooking neither the best cook, but I love baking! I’ll look up some tasty recipe to share with my wonderful family on 1st November. As many of you know, I’m from Spain and this time of the year people honor their beloved ones who are gone by visiting their graves and lighting candles. It does not seem that bad, but I find it creepy (with al my respects to those who do it, of course) and stay at home, no kids running asking for trick or treat over here. Some comfort food may help, right? Do you have any special plans for Halloween 2012? Related