News — Bodies in the Library:
It’s been two weeks since my last post and although things have not changed that much, I missed blogging and you all! The last two weeks have been a little crazy. I’m one for waking up and feeling productive, to start the day knowing I’ve done something, but lately I’ve just indulged my guilty pleasures: TV and reading blogs. It has been quite a change, most of the time liberating, but, every once in a while, too lazy which made me feel guilty. Also, I’ve re-discovered I’m not a morning person: I feel more encouraged to work as the day comes to an end. I’m drawn to the calmness of nights, the darkness and the fact taht everyone is feeling drowsy and going to bed. The house is quiet and the streets, dark, cool and quiet too, mean a break from the hot, busy days. For a change, I’ve also been working on my novel. Now it is 80 pages long and I’m revising and editing them before moving on the next part. It is a challenging, rewarding and frustrating, all at the same time and those feelings all come and go and hit me when I less expect them. But, despite everything I am happy and proud of finally writing the story I wanted to read and to have fallen in love with the characters as I have. I am reading Cloud Atlas with Leah and all the talking has become super interesting. We have a lot in common and completely understand each other. So, now y’all know. I’m surviving my reading break and everything is going great 🙂 Related