Book Hangover — Bodies in the Library:
It’s been ten days since I published the review of my last book, The Forgotten Garden and I haven’t read anything yet. Not even started, not even felt like reading. I think I may be suffering from a book hangover. Every summer I go through this phase of not reading for a while: sometimes it is only for a few days and others it takes weeks to go back to my reading. Through the years I have noticed that this hangover usually takes place at the end of August: the summer is about to end yet it is still there and the academic year slowly approaches, reminding us of the little free time remaining. Plus, the whole world seems to agree: TV shows have not started their new seasons,good movies are not being released until September and everyone is trying to make the most of these remaining summer days. So this is what I call an inbetweenes and sadly, it means I feel like doing little more than watching TV (I’m actually hooked up on ER, from season 1!). So, I’ve decided to take it easy: I am on this little personal project with Leah in which we read a section of Cloud Atlas every week. Not too demanding yet satisfactory enough to make me feel like I’ve achieve something every week. Probably, I should thank Leah in advance for making me do some actual reading. But more than that, it is quite a challenge now! Meanwhile, I am also listening to music, even more than I already did on a daily basis. I am inspired by many songwriters to put down everything that touches me, so basically I’ve been writing some poetry or little pieces. Not feeling like reading is then paying off somehow, with more time to think and reflect and to write about it all. I think this feeling is actually pretty common among passionate readers (I’ve seen some posts around) and many are worried or feel guilty. With this post, I would like to highlight that is shouldn’t be so! Human beings love routines but, every once in a while, we need a break, from everything, even from reading. With this little breaks we all have, probably our mind (or our souls, or our hearts) are telling us to slow down and focus on different things or just rest. It’s OK, it’s natural and it goes away. It always does. Related