Last week of August! — Bodies in the Library:
After a week suffering from summer flu and being in bed, unable to read (what a bore!) I’m back! Basically, I spent the last week in bed, watching ER and looking at my books, deciding what to read next, even leaving them next to bed just in case I felt like reading, which I did not. Now, I plan on reading, but definitely not making up for the lost week. School will start in a few weeks and although I’m eager to start this new year in which I will be doing research, I don’t want to overwork myself. Enjoying the last weeks of summer has always been key for me to start the new year fresh and with lots of energy. This week I also plan on doing some research on 20th century literature both English and American (and some Canadian, wink wink, Li). I feel that although I’m a class away from graduating, I do not feel like I’ve read enough. Modern literature is my favourite and I always feel I cannot get enough. So, recommendations are always welcome! I would like to know which modern/postmodern work is your favourite and why. I always rely on bloggers to pick up my books and, seeing that many of you are English and American, I would love to know what you think it’s indispensable for someone loving the 20th century.