News and thank yous — Bodies in the Library:
So, today I sat what apparently was my senior last final! Which means that next year I’ll only be doing a subject and my literature research. Words cannot express my happiness right now 🙂 I would like to thank you all for wishing me good luck and keeping me engaged in book-talking during these finals, because blogging has definitely been my escape. This proves that not only reading, but blogging too, are a really important part of my life, and so are you all out there: reading, commenting and blogging. Now, for my last final I was so stressed I decided I needed a crime novel, as I told someone “with lots of blood” and – lucky me! – found The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for 10 € (aprox. $12) in a more than acceptable paperback edition. I obviously bought it. This was last Saturday, now I expect to start reading more and more each day. By now, I am slowly meeting characters and setting everything ready. I am suprised that the author was a pacifist and wrote what many describe, as the best crime novel. I also made some improvement in my life – inspired by some of you – and started running. Surprise, surprise, I still run quite a lot thanks to my high school running (5,8 km the other day) so I’m super proud of myself and wishing to start running every each day this summer. How great is Summer 2012 going to be? Can’t wait to share it all.