The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown — Bodies in the Library:
The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown has been around too much: there were days when I would see more than two references to this books. So, after learning about its amazing plot, I decided to give it a try as part of my free-from-college readings! 4,5/5 Basically, the book deals with three sisters whose father, a professor devoted to Shakespeare, named them after Shakespearian characters and talked to them quoting the great English author. That said, the book does not seem very attractive. But, as the plot progresses, the reader gets to know each of the three sisters who are very different from each other. They are three grown up women, each with her own problems, issues and a captivating personality. Also, the way they were brought up has made them different yet you can identify with them and, slowly, you fall in love with the story and the characters. I loved this book much more than I expected to. The story is perfectly timed so that the reader never loses their interest nor gets bored. And the characters, oh the characters!! Rose, Bean and Cordy are just the neighbors you wanted to be friends with, they have something that makes you instantly attracted to them. Also, the whole setting is perfect and the fact that, thanks to the father, the house is full of books, bohemianly arranged, I would say, makes it a better reading. There were times when I just adored turning the page, staring at the cover or simply, carry the book around anywhere I went (or I’d feel alone). For those who read it, my favourite character was Bean, who I pictured in my mind as Rachel McAdams. However, I should say the ending was too stereotyped. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but at the same time I would like to question the author about it. So, The Weird Sisters is already one of my favourite readings for this summer. It just reminded me how much I love books and how they can help readers anytime, anywhere. Related