BnS Fashion | Raidou Dragonfist – Taywong
Character: Raidou Dragonfist of Taywong Submitted by: Rain Deadmist/ Raidou Dragonfist Character Preset: Items: Item Name Source Costume Disciple Dreadtide Arena, 500 tags Adornment Head Face Weapon Silver Deva Gauntlet Mushin tower 2nd floor/ Vendor Comments: Bio: "This Fearless gon trains hard night and day to surpass his rivals and destroy his enemies. his hate for the world drives his martial skill beyond anyone else's as it fuels each blow from his harden fists. His piercing stare will look right through you as if you're just a mere mouse in the field.. He is a Living... Breathing... Weapon..." About: This was a popularly requested remake from the blade and soul Racial trailer. This Specific re-make took alot of trail and error; From the face shape to body shape even the height, had to be remade and re-scaled