My Wife and I Waited 4 Hours to Vote on Saturday. | Blue Oklahoma
Cat, my wife, and I went to vote early today at the Oklahoma County Election Board. We had heard that the average voting time on Friday, the first day of early voting in Oklahoma, was about 3 hours. So we were prepared for a long wait. Still it was amazing and wonderful to see the line to the polling place stretch out some 6 or 7 blocks out from the Election Board and down the street in front of the site. We ended up waiting 4 hours to vote, but was well worth it. Over 5000 people voted on Friday when the polls were open from 8-6. Today, they closed at 1pm, but I expect the total voting will approach yesterday's total. The crowd seemed to be overwhelmingly pro-Obama and Democratic Party. I did not see one person wearing campaign material for McCain or any Republican. I saw many wearing buttons and shirts supporting Obama and other Democrats, including moi. I wore my "Super Obama" t-shirt that I got from It caused a great reaction, as you might imagine. I had several