The School Board/Porter Ordeal as Tragedy | Blue Oklahoma
Just recently, the district moved through a very difficult time due to a fallout between the board and former Superintendent John Q. Porter. I had hoped for some type of conciliation between Porter and the board. I imagined a scenario where wrongs would be righted, lessons would be learned, and all would be reconciled one with another. I knew the scenario was almost impossible, and it was: the board settled with Dr. Porter and he, along with school board President Cliff Hudson, resigned. The outcome I hoped for only really happens in comedies. What happened was a tragedy, but that doesn't make it all bad if we understand what a real tragedy is. I teach Language Arts in high school.In literature, a tragedy, and I'm talking about those found in the works of Sophocles and Shakespeare, often comes about because good people do bad things because they are human and therefore flawed. I believe that in this case, we had many people, basically good, who