Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 3: Highlights and Notes | BlueCarp
--No, internet, the Night King isn't coming back. At the moment of death, his spirit did not possess Bran's body. They are not the same person. And the entire series isn't being made up in the mind of a kid looking at a snow globe. Just let all of that go. Don't overcomplicate it. --The general consensus among anyone with any military experience at all is that Jon Snow's battle plan was horrible. --"There's no need to execute me, Ser Davos. I'll be dead before the dawn." --Jorah is leading the Dothraki charge of the light brigade. Yet he is one of very few who return. Hmmm. -- After the Dothraki are wiped out, a riderless horse runs back to Winterfell. The closed captioning describes its sound as "neighs hoarsely." Ha. --As bad as the plan was, it takes about ten minutes before Dany abandons it. "The dead are already here." Yes, but we anticipated that… --Having someone like Samwell on the battlefield is a liability. --Despite several commenters to the contrary, I see no evidence