Game of Thrones S8, Ep2: Highlights and notes | BlueCarp
Episode 2 opens with Daenerys telling Kingslayer Jaime Lassiter all the horribly violent things she and her crazy evil brother Vaserys dreamt of doing to him one day. I mean, Jaime did kill her dad, but she already acknowledged that her dad was a crazy evil son of a bitch who was burning innocent people alive and planning on destroying the entire city of Kings Landing and everyone in it. I get that he was her dad, but c'mon. Daddy needed to be killed before he wiped out an entire city. Her indignation is a bit off. Unless, of course, she is starting to show signs of the crazy evil family trait. ===== I seen many references to Jaime having "murdered" the Mad King Aerys. "Murder" is a legal concept. Every intentional homicide isn't murder. There are completely justified homicides. Self defense justifies homicide, as does defense of others. I think Jaime has a reasonable case based on the defense of a million or so people about to be burned alive. ===== "I don't see an army. I see one