Media: getting in and getting on | LSE Careers blog
Missed Careers in Creative Industries Week? Don't worry! We've got you covered with spotlights on some of the events that took place across the week. This post - written by LSE Social Media Ambassador and BSc Environment and Development student, Hayli - covers a talk from the week on breaking into Media. On 13 February LSE Careers was lucky enough to have Julian Dismore, an experienced series producer, edit producer and producer/director on campus to talk about his experiences, inspire those who would like to work in the Media sector in the future and give them some useful pointers. His advice was inspiring and insightful. Here are some interesting facts and insights from his talk. What is TV production like? TV may be easy to watch, but it definitely is not easy to produce! TV production is all about details. All dates, telephone numbers and records must be kept carefully, and no mistakes are allowed. The consequences of making a mistake could be huge – as Julian himself very nearly