Guest Blog: Mei-en's volunteering experience | LSE Careers blog
A Student Volunteering Week Special! Here's one of five fantastic blogs that we're posting this week to celebrate Student Volunteering week. This one is from one of your Student Volunteering Ambassadors, Mei En Choe. Keep reading to find out about Mei En's experience of volunteering… It's my turn to sit down and recount my share of volunteer experiences. Back in secondary school, volunteering was literally an academic criterion. One had to complete a minimum of 100 hours a year in order to qualify for the next academic year. As students around me rushed to register for volunteering 'crash courses' – from 30-hour hunger-simulation projects to the more elaborate week-long overseas volunteering programs, I found my Saturdays split between picking up litter on beaches and selling all kinds of charity merchandise on the streets. It's easy to see why, when volunteering is reduced to a number, we are inclined to revert to a series of mental calculations and activity logbooks. Thankfully, I