Finding your own path: one PhD's non-traditional career journey | LSE Careers blog
LSE PhD students move on to many and varied careers. The options are vast and you probably don't yet know all those that are relevant to you. Here, Teresa Whitney (LSE PhD 2015, Social Psychology) describes how she taught herself about her dream job and offers her insights for how you might do this too. The challenge I didn't go in wanting to be an academic, but PhD programs have a way of indoctrinating you. I toyed with the idea on and off over the course of my program, often romanticizing the profession and glossing over the sometimes-harsh realities. I applied to several positions and was shortlisted, but the realities of the pay set in. Ultimately it wasn't for me – my country (the USA) doesn't support higher education in the way many others do, so I was stuck with student loans that needed to be paid and an academic job would not enable me to do that and feed myself at the same time. Not to mention pay rent. Finding non-profit work relating to my PhD was easy. But since my