How to get your volunteering started | LSE Careers blog
People often talk about why they volunteer. From benefiting communities and making a positive change, to finding new friends and developing skills: everyone has their own reasons why volunteering is for them, and all are valid. We talk a lot about the benefits of volunteering but often less about the how. Maybe you have decided you'd like to volunteer but are not sure what steps you need to take to get started. Read our three points below to get you on the right volunteering track. 1. Work out your motivations Admittedly this is more of a why dressed up as a how, but it's important. Before you begin embarking on your volunteer journey, try to really drill down to what you want to achieve from volunteering. This will include thinking about: What cause do you want to volunteer for? What size of charity you want to be become a part of? What skills you can offer? What skills would you like to develop? What do you want to get from the opportunity? Some people might find this straight