Maximising your internship learning | LSE Careers blog
For some of you, the summer sees the chance to add to your experience through an internship. These are great opportunities to develop your skills, find out about organisations and the world of work, and further clarify what you would like to do once you complete your studies. Of course, they also add to your bank of experience from which to draw when speaking to future employers. Here Mike Higgins, one of the careers consultant team, shares his insights into how to maximise your learning from an internship. This will help you out when it comes to updating your CV, preparing for future interviews and also thinking about what you want to do moving forward. Summer internships are often quite intense whilst you are in the middle of them. It can be difficult once they are over to capture and reflect on what you got out of it. One method for doing this is to keep a reflective journal as you go. These don't have to be time-consuming, or a formal "Dear Diary" affair, but they can help to