Staying Connected to Change Career | LSE Careers blog
What happens when you get a lawyer turned social researcher, academic turned trade advisor, PR turned academic, banker turned educationalist, film classifier to property developer and finance turned film director in a room? Don't worry, this isn't a cue for a bad light bulb changing joke but the mix of alumni on a recent career changer panel (a couple of whom shared insights remotely). Connectedness is a theme running across a number of different projects and initiatives at the LSE and beyond at the minute. Imagine my excitement then to see connectedness mentioned in the context of career change! But just what does it mean and why is it important if you are wanting to transition into a new career area? Below are our alumni's collective insights and advice on how to effectively manage a career transition along with some thoughts of my own. Here's our top 20 tips: Adopt the right mindset. Don't assume that because you have an LSE degree, this is enough. Accept you have a lot to learn