Marketing yourself – and your LLM | LSE Careers blog
Your LLM provides you with a new or deeper specialism and offers a stepping stone to career transition or progression as well as enhancing your academic record. There is a prestige associated with your studies at LSE, and the LLM year offers a capacity building experience which also demonstrates your commitment to invest time and money in your legal education. Undertaking the LLM has doubtless exposed you to new thinking and knowledge of a different jurisdiction, enhanced your language skills and broadened your cultural and professional awareness. For you, personally, the LLM will have helped you to expand your network and have provided you with a range of transferable skills such as research, analytical and critical thinking, organisational and time management skills and of course, resilience and flexibility - but how do you market these to employers? The three "R's" approach is a great way to market yourself and your LLM. Research and explore your opportunities Questions to ask