Interviews for Academic Posts | LSE Careers blog
If you're currently undertaking a PhD you may already be thinking about life after the viva, in particular, securing an academic position. But before that happens, you have to have an academic interview! Fear not, our recent PhD Seminar with Anton Harder, LSE PhD International History (2016) and Bernard Keenan, LSE PhD Law (2018) covered just that. Both Anton, who is now a Teaching Associate at Nottingham University and Bernard, a Lecturer in Law at Birkbeck, University of London, shared their reflections on the academic selection process and in this blog PhD Careers Consultant, Catherine Reynolds, summarises their key messages: Use your network (and your network's network). Anyone you can contact in the department for a chat and some information gathering in advance will help you prepare better. Even if it's just to tell them that you are applying. You learn some inside intel and word gets round that you are keen, you just need to reach out and not be shy. It's a mature, professional