Generate Guest Blog: In 2018, Bet on What's Better for You | LSE Careers blog
Chief of ZX Ventures, Pedro Earp, tells us how to make this year work for you. The start of each year always creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to pause, analyze what worked from the past year, and reset their plan of action for the following year. As Chief of ZX Ventures (a global growth and innovation division within AB InBev), I do the same thing with my team. I ask, "What were our biggest successes and failures in the past year? What can we learn to help us be more innovative in the next year?" At ZX Ventures, our mandate is to disrupt ourselves before anyone else does. We're a small but mighty team of beer-loving innovators working tirelessly to find, launch and scale unique products that deliver exceptional consumer experiences and bring people together. While we work within AB InBev, we operate more like a start-up: We're nimble, flexible and innovative – which helps us identify and move on trends quickly. Investors aren't afraid to go where consumers most flex their