Venture Capital: How an LSE Masters student is promoting investment in entrepreneurship | LSE Careers blog
Venture capital involves providing capital and sector expertise to support the activities of new start-up companies. Most of the world's biggest companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook, raised venture funding at some point in order to expand their operations. Isaac Haq is an LSE student who is working to champion the transformative potential of start-up companies and promote student interest in venture capital. We caught up with him to find out what he is up to at the moment. Can you tell us about your background, and what made you interested in entrepreneurship and venture capital? Whilst I was a medical student at the University of Cambridge, I started working for a few start-ups. I was a brand ambassador for a clothing brand, and I worked in business development for a biotechnology firm. I've also co-founded two non-profit organizations, for better cancer education and mental health awareness, over the last few years. These experiences made me interested in careers