What to wear for a job interview | LSE Careers blog
First impressions are vital - what you wear to an interview will affect how you are perceived by the employer. Luckily, our careers consultants have some advice for how to dress well! For a formal interview (one in which you have been invited by the employer), you should always dress smartly. As a general rule, an appropriate interview outfit for both men and women is a suit. Some organisations operate a dress code of 'business casual' or may not have a dress code at all. This generally means you can be a little more relaxed in your approach, but you should still make an effort to look smart and avoid jeans, trainers, anything too tight and t-shirts with slogans. It's important to do some research into what 'business casual' means to the relevant company. Dress for an interview the way you would if you were going out to represent the company at a business meeting with a client rather than how you may dress for a regular day in the office. If you choose to wear a suit, dark colours –