Thinking of working abroad? | LSE Careers blog
Whether you want to establish yourself in another country or want to use work to see the world, we can give you some advice on how to get a job or experience abroad. We have some great resources, both online and offline, and tips that can get you started moving on after your studies: 1. Know yourself and what you're looking for Whichever country you're thinking of working in, make sure you spend some time finding out what your motivations and drivers are. Are you hoping to learn new skills? Build an international CV? Or self-fund the exploration of a new country? Our Career Builder tool can help you gain greater clarity about what kind of jobs and industries suit you based on your skills, interests, values and personality type. You can also access some helpful self-assessment tools and a career matching tool on our website. 2. Browse country profiles On our website we have an extensive list of country profiles with links, advice, and news about employability in a range of countries.