Career changers – overcoming personal challenges | LSE Careers blog
Earlier this year we ran a career changers seminar which generated some interesting advice and insights. Making a career change can be a life affirming, but also inevitably stressful process, requiring you to overcome a number of potential hurdles. Here we share some of the most common challenges facing career changers, along with tips for how to address these constraints directly to help you transition into a new career: Is it push or pull that's driving you? Being clear on your motivation for change is critical. Perhaps you're feeling undervalued in your current organisation, or maybe you aren't feeling sufficiently challenged? Maybe your career has stalled or it could be just time for something new? On the other hand are you clear about what you do want, and, what is attractive about the new career destination? Whatever the reason for your current career contemplations, the change equation dictates that your dissatisfaction with your present position combined with your vision or