Networking during your job search | LSE Careers blog
Someone somewhere has information that could lead you to your ideal job. So where are they? How do you find them? Answer: networking. Networking is loved by some some and dreaded by others. Those dreading networking are probably thinking about a busy networking reception or maybe cold calling with no idea as to how their approach will be received. But these are not the only types of networking. Great networkers have both great tactics and great strategy. Your networking strategy needs to combine both online and in person approaches and play to your particular strengths. What is networking and why network? Networking can be viewed as artificial and daunting but it doesn't have to be. It's simply having useful conversations with people who are likely to be flattered by you asking for their advice. Through networking you have the opportunity to: make new contacts, find out key information about both recruitment/selection processes and specific employers that may inform your careers