Careers FAQs – Lent Term | LSE Careers blog
What if I haven't been able to think about my career last term or attend any events yet? That's absolutely fine - it's never too early or too late to get started! We know that depending on what you're studying and at what level, as well as your personal and social commitments, it can feel like certain times of the year are better for thinking and planning than others! From events with our careers consultants, employer-led breakfasts and seminars to specialist events like Meet an Alum, volunteering, International Development Events Programme (IDEP), and LSE Generate's entrepreneurship workshops there's something for every career interest and aspiration. We run a lot of our 'core' events every term as well (such as how to write effective CVs) so if you missed them last term, browse and book on CareerHub. New to CareerHub? It's very easy to get started - simply login with your LSE username and password (any problems, see our contact details at the end of this blog). We also offer much