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Guest blog by LSE alum Vishal Kumar who studied BSc Economics and Geography (2014) and is now working at Sotheby's: Auction houses are fascinating places to work. Like other cultural institutions, auction houses have Specialists with unrivalled academic knowledge of art. However, the auction business has always been a commercial enterprise often associated with glamour and glitz. Yet, despite their differences, institutions in the cultural sector are looking for graduates with business skills. Firms nowadays optimise customer service, streamline operations and improve management decisions through insights drawn from big data and this is where I have found demand for my skillset at Sotheby's. This post will give you some background about how I got to where I am, an insight into the type of work I currently do, and some insider tips for breaking into the arts and culture. Background In my mind I was going to work for a Private Bank or a Consultancy firm. I grew up in a family with a