Finding an alternative internship | LSE Careers blog
When you hear the word 'internship' what goes through your mind? A summer stint you should do if you want to join a bank or a professional services firm? A position in the City that involves finance or corporate know-how? It won't come as a surprise to many of you that numerous students at LSE do select more formal, structured internship paths. However, it's important not to disregard other forms of work experience open to you from a range of industries - during the summer holidays and at other periods of the year. So, first off, lets dispel that myth that internships are only for the finance and business people. A quick glance at our internship opportunities on CareerHub and other job boards shows internships span all sectors, can last anywhere between a few days and six months, and vary in the experience they offer. What is becoming more apparent in the UK and abroad is that more and more sectors view an internship in whatever shape or form as a necessary (if not prerequisite) step