Meet the Code at Uni team – LSE alum delivering world class programming education | LSE Careers blog
Guest blog by LSE alumni and Code at Uni entrepreneurs, Jack Bridger and Eliot O'Connor – get in touch at! Running a company while juggling your degree is tough - but it's actually the best time to start your first company. Three years ago while at LSE, we started Code At Uni to change the way university students learn programming. We started with no money, very little technical knowledge and certainly no connections to the world of tech education. In three years we've taught 500 students at universities across London and now, upon graduation, we've begun our nationwide expansion and were recently featured on the Snapchat of Y-Combinator partner and founder of Twitch, Justin Kan. The story began in our second year at LSE when we were running the Entrepreneurs Society and from speaking with our members we learned that many students wanted to get into the tech world but didn't know any programming and felt it was a huge obstacle. We knew technology was changing the