What to do with your summer if you don't have an internship | LSE Careers blog
There's no getting away from the fact that an internship can be a great opportunity to: earn money, develop skills, meet great people, find mentors, develop your professional networks, and gain market insights. For some sectors it can even fast track your application for graduate roles. But what if you don't have an internship this summer and it's worrying you? Well first, let's focus on the positive. You maybe be avoiding a career that's just not you and a fasttrack to the wrong job is never a great option. Also, if you don't have a summer internship it does give you the opportunity to really think about your next steps. Reading this also shows you're open to suggestions! An internship is a great way gather/develop evidence of a strong skills set for a job, but you can develop these at anytime during your study and in many ways. The important thing is to review your situation and to take some action: Time You have about 10 weeks to 'spend' and even short 'work stints' or even work